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Video: Mr. Gay Finland 2018

I was invited to film the Mr. Gay Finland 2018 finals.

Check out the full video!

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DIY Bed Frame with Storage

I moved to a smaller apartment and I needed more storage space. Bed takes a lot of space that is not too useful for much else than laying in a coma and hallucinating vividly. So, I decided to utilize this wasted space by designing and building a wooden storage bed frame with plenty of storage underneath.

This article is about the design and build of my IKEA Hack woodworking project: DIY storage bed frame with bookshelves on the sides, a 6-drawer dresser in the end and plenty of usable space underneath.

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Student Food #001

Cheap student food. Corner-stone of mankind. In this article we cook a dish, that put me through college and high-school.

This is excellent food for students as its dirt cheap, testes good and looks awful.
It has a lot of protein and carbs in it, making it perfect for those gym-going types, and as a bonus: its not entirely terrible for one’s health! – After all, I graduated.

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Audi A3 Number plate LED’s

Xenon-lights in the front and 200 year old filament technology in the back.

Car’s incandescent number plate bulbs have a short life-span, they are annoying to change and after a while impossible when the soft mounting screws start to rust.

In this article we go about changing the lights to modern LED-ones and getting rid of the number plate light warning that follows.

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DIY Cranberry Wine

Finland is known for its alcoholism. I decided to celebrate that fact by making traditional Finnish drink “Vappukilju”, translating roughly as “strong home-made brew for first of May”.

Kilju is illegal to make here but adding some sort of fruit makes it technically wine and okay. So, with a little help from my friend, we made some “cranberry wine” with a little twist.

Quest for cheap booze

The mission was to make something that tastes good, is relatively cheap, ferments fast and most important – is strong!

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The LiveLight Project

People around the world have been building their own versions of the Philips Ambilight system for their home cinema, usually connected to a computer via USB or serial.

I started developing my own version and after months of designing and testing I was ready to publish my prototype: The LiveLight USB Interface.
Project soon got a lots of interest on forums and related websites. The LiveLight Project was born.

Video of LiveLight system in operation.

You are now reading projects official page in which you will find all the info you need to build a fully configurable ambient lighting system for your Home Cinema or PC!

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The New Website

After playing at work with extended period with digital analytics and
SEO (Search Engine Optimization), figured it was time to overhaul my website.

My problem was that my content was distributed all over the web, travel blog, LiveLight Project website, my personal site and social media. This was mostly because my sites and blogs were hard-coded and terrible to maintain and leads easily to poor search engine ranking to your content.

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SmartDesk Sensor Upgrade

Due to unreliability of my IKEA SmartDesk, which I built in 2015, I decided to make an upgrade, that greatly improved its usability!

I removed the original magnetic limit-switch and replaced it with ultrasonic PING-sensor that could measure the actual height from the floor.

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IKEA SmartDesk

I recently acquired a motorized table-frame from IKEA for my current desk.

After returning the first D.O.A table-kit and getting it replaced with a working one, height adjustment worked up nicely and I had a good standing/sitting workstation.

Problem with the setup was that I forgot to use it. As a solution, I made a small widget that reminds me to stand up in set intervals. After a piece of software has been written, it’s easy to continue working on. This time by hacking the hardware!

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How ionizing radiation affects CMOS-sensor

I recently visited the Chernobyl exclusion zone and thought to myself, how does my digital camera react to ionizing radiation?

Pictures of the destroyed reactor #4 were all a bit faded and I suspected it might be because of the high levels of radiation in the area so I decided to find out and tested my camera.

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