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Let’s have a moment of silence for my old website and welcome the new Blog-formatted website with all the bells and whistles!

My problem was that my content was distributed all over the web, travel blog, LiveLight Project website, my personal site and social media. This was mostly because my sites and blogs were hard-coded and terrible to maintain and leads easily to poor search engine ranking to your content. old website layout
Old yet beautiful Bootstrap layout from (closed 2016)

Plan now is to add my old documented projects and start documenting new ones, have everything under the same roof, right here in new site!

SEO Problems

According to the reporting tool SEO Site Checkup, I got an SEO score of 62/100. Most problems being in the keywording and technical SEO.

home page seo scoreHeader-tags (h1, h2 etc.) were used to format text instead of structuring content, title and meta-tags did not contain anything relevant, lots of links were broken and the sitemap was missing.

Old websites

This project is going to replace these websites with the same content, hosted on the new WordPress CMS. This update will allow me to tinker with their SEO without removing the content from online.

Protip: 301 redirects will keep the links intact and forward the users to the new content, without losing current SEO-score.

The LiveLight Project

livelight project old website layoutLiveLight Project was the project page for my dynamic lighting system for TV:s.
It contained the images, source files and poorly made Paypal-integrated store where you could buy parts. (Closed 2017)

Insinööriopiskelijan ihmeellinen maailma

Insinööriopiskelijan ihmeellinen maailma old website layoutMy Finnish travel-blog with lots of interesting experiences,  like traveling to the Chernobyl exclusion zone.
I plan to translate this into English for the new site.

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