Student Food #001

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Cheap student food. The corner-stone of mankind. In this article we cook a dish, that put me through college and high-school.

This is excellent food for students as its dirt cheap, tastes good and looks awful.

It has a lot of protein and carbs in it, making it perfect for those gym-going types, and as a bonus: it’s not entirely terrible for one’s health! – After all, I graduated.

This recipe is a variation of Finnish classic: makaronilaatikko but without the eggs, milk and hour in the oven to compensate for poor time-management skills.

How to make Student Food #001

Here is a video of me making one of the first iterations of the recipe.
Basics are the same but some optimization to final recipe has been made.


How to Make It

  1. Heat up the meat at room temperature for 30 min
  2. Measure 2 liters of water to a large pot
  3. Put the pot on the stove and insert spices and bullion cubes
  4. Pre-heat frying pan, add oil and few drops of water
  5. Add meat when water has vaporized away
  6. Add macaroni to boiling water
  7. Season the meat when about 80% done
  8. Add the soy to boil with macaroni when 2 min left
  9. Drain water from macaroni
  10. Mix ingredients, divide to 6 meals
  11. Stuff in the face with ketchup


Six OK sized servings if you don’t be too greedy.

Ingredient Metric US
Bullion cube 20g 2 cubes
Salt 18 g  1 tbsp
Oil, Macadamia Nut  7 g 0,5 tbsp
Whole-Grain Macaroni 400 g  ~ 14 oz
10% Ground beef 400 g  ~ 14 oz
Dark Textured Soy Protein 36 g (1 dl)  ~ 0,5 cup
Water 2 l  ~ 8,5 cups
Ground beef seasoning a lot  even more
Paprika powder 5 ml  1 tsp
Curry 5 ml  1 tsp
Chili powder 10 ml  2 tsp


Nutritional content of Student Food #001 per serving. Percentage of daily value in bracets, more info in the picture.

Student Food #001 Nutritional info
Nutritional info
  • Calories: 382 kcal
  • Carbohydrates: 44 g (15 %)
  • Fats: 11 g (16 %)
  • Proteins: 26 g (53 %)

+ ketchup

Student Food #001 on MyFitnessPal

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