On this page, you can download the latest versions of plans, drawings, and software needed for the projects in my articles.

DIY Bed Frame with Storage

Full Storage Bed Article

File Download
Sketch Up Model Download

LiveLight Project

In this section, you can find all the information and software you need to build yourself the LiveLight dynamic back-lighting system.

Full LiveLight Article

Bill of Materials Version 5 Download
Schematic Version 5 Download
Assembly guide Version 5 Download
Circuit Board Layout Version 5 Download
Boblight V1.3 Download
FTDI Drivers Multiple platforms Download
Ambibox V2.1.7 Download
Test images GIF Download

Current firmware version

Version Date Download Note
V3.0.2 10.5.2014 HEX-file Source files Longer sleep-delay to prevent light from fading out during regular use.

Old firmware

Version Date Download Note
V3.0.1 28.4.2014 HEX-file Source files Bug fixed where the module would get stuck when Boblight is closed.
V3.0 26.4.2014 HEX-file Source files Firmware rewritten, crap removed.
V2.6 25.4.2013 HEX-file Source files Faster output algorithm using Pulse Density Modulation
V2.5 7.5.2012 HEX-file Source files Last stable build using PWM output algorithm
V2.4 15.1.2012 HEX-file Source files
V2.3 13.12.2011 HEX-file Source files Firmware is rewritten, code distributed across multiple files, new PWM algorithm
V1.3 6.9.2011 HEX-file Source files Firmware for board version 5

Legacy PCB Version 4

The hardware of PCB V4 is available in one zip-file for those who seek it.

Version Date Download Note
V1.0 29.6.2011 HEX-file Source files First working firmware prototype