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SmartDesk Sensor Upgrade

Due to unreliability of my IKEA SmartDesk, which I built in 2015, I decided to make an upgrade, that greatly improved its usability!

I removed the original magnetic limit-switch and replaced it with ultrasonic PING-sensor that could measure the actual height from the floor.

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IKEA SmartDesk

I recently acquired a motorized table-frame from IKEA for my current desk.

After returning the first D.O.A table-kit and getting it replaced with a working one, height adjustment worked up nicely and I had a good standing/sitting workstation.

Problem with the setup was that I forgot to use it. As a solution, I made a small widget that reminds me to stand up in set intervals. After a piece of software has been written, it’s easy to continue working on. This time by hacking the hardware!

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