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DIY Cranberry Wine

Finland is known for its alcoholism. I decided to celebrate that fact by making traditional Finnish drink “Vappukilju”, translating roughly as “strong home-made brew for first of May”.

Kilju¬†is illegal to make here but adding some sort of fruit makes it technically wine and okay. So, with a little help from my friend, we made some “cranberry wine” with a little twist.

Quest for cheap booze

The mission was to make something that tastes good, is relatively cheap, ferments fast and most important Рis strong!

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How ionizing radiation affects CMOS-sensor

I recently visited the Chernobyl exclusion zone and thought to myself, how does my digital camera react to ionizing radiation?

Pictures of the destroyed reactor #4 were all a bit faded and I suspected it might be because of the high levels of radiation in the area so I decided to find out and tested my camera.

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