LiveLight Project

In this section you can find all the information and software you need to build yourself the LiveLight dynamic back-lighting system.

Full LiveLight Article

Bill of Materials Version 5 Download
Schematic Version 5 Download
Assembly guide Version 5 Download
Circuit Board Layout Version 5 Download
Boblight V1.3 Download
FTDI Drivers Multiple platforms Download
Ambibox V2.1.7 Download
Test images GIF Download

Current firmware version

Version Date Download Note
V3.0.2 10.5.2014 HEX-file Source files Longer sleep-delay to prevent light from fading out during regular use.

Old firmware

Version Date Download Note
V3.0.1 28.4.2014 HEX-file Source files Bug fixed where module would get stuck when Boblight is closed.
V3.0 26.4.2014 HEX-file Source files Firmwire rewritten, crap removed.
V2.6 25.4.2013 HEX-file Source files Faster output algorithm using Pulse Density Modulation
V2.5 7.5.2012 HEX-file Source files Last stable build using PWM output algorithm
V2.4 15.1.2012 HEX-file Source files
V2.3 13.12.2011 HEX-file Source files Firmware rewritten, code distributed across multiple files, new PWM algorithm
V1.3 6.9.2011 HEX-file Source files Firmware for board version 5

Legacy PCB Version 4

Hardware of PCB V4 is available in one zip-file for those who seek it.

Version Date Download Note
V1.0 29.6.2011 HEX-file Source files First working firmware prototype